Your pet needs to buckle up too

April 11, 2019 | SECURA Insurance

Your whole family wears a seat belt, so why not the family dog? Your furry friends need protection, too! 

The best advice is to use a harness or carrier and secure your pet in the middle of the back seat. Restraining a pet prevents them from distracting you while you're driving and helps keep them safe, before and after an accident. 

Loose animals and secondary accidents

A car safety harness keeps your pet from running off after a crash and possibly getting hit or causing another accident. Be aware that damages caused by this type of accident may not be covered by your insurance provider. 

Your family's safety

Even the most beloved family pet can pose a danger to you in a crash situation. Frightened, stressed, or injured pets may prevent you from getting prompt medical attention by snapping or biting first responders. 

What's more, even in a relatively low-speed accident, an unrestrained animal can become a deadly projectile, causing critical injuries to people in the vehicle. And should your dog get caught between you and the airbag, the animal will be crushed against your face or chest with massive force. 

Your pets are family. Help them live long, healthy lives by keeping them safe in every way, including when you're in the car, by using a dog seatbelt, harness, or crate. It's a quick, inexpensive way to protect all your loved ones. 

Extra protection

Find out if your insurance includes coverage for your own pets if they're injured in a car accident. SECURA's Pet ProtectorSM coverage, included in MILE-STONE® policies, provides $500 per pet injured in a vehicle, watercraft, or other accident.