Add medical evacuation coverage to your vacation checklist

January 24, 2017 | SECURA Insurance
When Evelyn Paschen suffered a stroke in Florida, her husband faced a $20,000 medical transport bill just to get her home to Wisconsin. Thankfully, the Paschens had Travel RescuerSM coverage from SECURA, and Evelyn was flown home at no personal cost. 
Accidents and emergencies can happen anywhere. And when serious health issues occur away from home, patients often need to travel via special medical transport. As the Paschens can attest, those flights can cost thousands of dollars in the United States; the price is much more outside the country. In fact, many families have been known to remortgage a house to bring a loved one back. 
Medical evacuation coverage, included on MILE-STONE Gold and Agri-Protector Plus policies from SECURA Insurance, ensures you get back home if you become seriously ill or injured while traveling.
Travel Rescuer from SECURA also includes assistance with lost travel documents, legal and medical referrals, and translation services when you’re on the road. And unlike trip-specific travel insurance policies, Travel Rescuer is in effect all the time, whenever you’re more than 100 miles from home. There’s no need to activate coverage. It’s always there, working for you. 
The U.S. State Department recommends knowing what kind of medical services your health insurance will cover before you travel overseas. Although some will pay for reasonable treatment costs, very few cover evacuation back to the United States. (Be aware that Medicare will not pay for medical costs incurred outside the country.) It’s also important to note that medical evacuation coverage is different from a trip cancelation policy, and it may be secured at a lower rate than comprehensive travel insurance packages. 
If you are considering purchasing travel or medical evacuation insurance from an outside source, here are some things to consider: 
  • Family transportation – If evacuation is not recommended, will the policy transport a family member to your location? What deductible and out-of-pocket expenses are there?
  • Special activity exclusions – Is the policy still valid if you engage in extreme sports like paragliding, canyoning, scuba diving, or off-roading? 
  • Pre-existing conditions – If you have a diagnosed illness or medical concern, will coverage still apply if your condition takes a turn for the worse?
  • Medications and medical devices - Will the policy replace glasses, medications, or medical devices lost or stolen on your travels?
  • 24/7 medical support – Is the policy supported by a medical team to assist with consults and travel coordination? 
Call your insurance agent today and find out if you have travel evacuation insurance. Or talk to your SECURA agent about a MILE-STONE Gold or Agri-Protector Plus policy.

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