How to make your home less appealing to burglars

November 09, 2021 | SECURA Insurance

You lock the doors, shut the blinds, and set a timer for lights, eager to head out for a weekend getaway. Sound familiar? It seems like a safe plan…but is it enough to keep burglars out?

Take these additional steps to keep your home safe while you’re away.

  • Always lock doors and windows when you leave — it seems simple, but it’s easy to overlook. Also consider a timer for your TV or radio so it sounds like you are home. 
  • Keep any bushes around your home trimmed to eliminate hiding places for burglars. 
  • Ask a neighbor to keep an eye on your house. They can bring in newspapers, watch for suspicious vehicles, and even park in your driveway occasionally to 
  • Don’t announce when you’ll be gone on social media, or post pictures of expensive purchases like jewelry or a TV. Both of these are like ads to potential burglars. 
  • Keep items like laptops, jewelry, and car keys out of sight. Store them in unpredictable spots so they can’t be quickly found. Burglars aim to get in and out fast. 
  • Don’t overlook a staycation. If you’re relaxing in your backyard, keep your garage closed and other doors locked — someone could steal from you even while you’re home. 
  • Create a home inventory. Take photos or video of every room in your house to document your belongings, and store them electronically or somewhere outside your home. Also note serial numbers of large items; police can use them to trace the stolen items.