Help eliminate blind spots while driving

June 29, 2021 | SECURA Risk Management

Most people believe that blind spots can’t be avoided when driving. This may have been true in years past, but today it is not the case. You can eliminate blind spots and prevent serious accidents as a result.

An engineer named George Platter discovered how to eliminate blind spots by adjusting your vehicle’s mirrors. Even the National Safety Council has tested and fully endorsed the method. The following instructions will eliminate any blind spots from your view.

  1. Lean your head to the left until it almost touches the driver’s side window and then position the mirror on the vehicle’s left side so you can just see the rear of the car in the mirror. This likely will position the mirror farther out than you had it before.
  2. Lean your head to the right until it is between the two front seats, at your normal height, and position the right side mirror so you can just see the rear of the passenger side in the mirror.
  3. Adjust the center rearview mirror to place it facing the center of the rear window.

Make these adjustments, and test your blind spots the next time you’re out on the road. Notice a car coming from behind on your left side to pass you. You will see that the car is in the rearview mirror. Just before the car disappears from the rearview mirror it will be in your left side mirror. Next, you will see it in your peripheral vision before it disappears from view in your side mirror. The same will be true for your right side mirror. You should be able to see the cars around you without even moving your head.