Need insurance for your health club?

July 30, 2018 | SECURA Insurance

Your basement might have a treadmill, but somehow, it’s just not as motivating as your gym.

The amenities are what members love about fitness and health clubs, but they’re also what make them tough to insure. From rock-climbing walls and juice bars to lap pools to heavy weights, the equipment alone can pose some challenges to coverage.

Add in the professional liability associated with personal training, nutritional coaching, and massage services, and you could be hurting like you did a hundred burpees.

SECURA’s Specialty Lines underwriters are well-versed in the risks health clubs present, and they work with agents and business owners to find the right coverage for each unique business.

These are just a few of the facilities we love to cover. 

  • 24-hour fitness facility
  • Yoga, barre, and Pilates studios (hot and regular)
  • Suspension training (TRX) and aerial silks studios
  • CrossFit
  • Boot camps
  • High intensity and interval training
  • Martial arts studios (karate, tai kwon do)
  • Sports complexes (soccer, volleyball, basketball, baseball, tennis, ice and roller skating rinks)
  • Aquatic complexes

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