The legend of SECURA’s haunted grounds

October 26, 2011 | SECURA Insurance
“I stopped in late one night at work to pick up something I left on my desk,” a SECURA associate remembers. “The hair on my neck stood on end – like my instinct knew I was being watched.”

Was it instinct? Is there someone – or something – lurking the grounds at SECURA’s corporate office in Appleton, Wisconsin? 

Lore has it, 150 years ago (long before the land was SECURA’s), a family was picnicking in this location. A young girl fell into the pond, was trapped in a pipe, and drowned. 

Some say that when it’s quiet, you can hear the girl’s screams from beneath the water and her parents’ cries for help from ashore. 

Don’t believe what you read? Do a quick Internet search for “SECURA haunted.” 

Happy Halloween.

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