Do you need car insurance with accident forgiveness?

November 03, 2022 | SECURA

Accidents can happen to anyone – even good drivers with clean records aren’t immune. So what can drivers do to protect themselves against rate increases that typically come with collisions? One option is to look for car insurance with accident forgiveness.

What is accident forgiveness?

Accident forgiveness benefits can vary depending on the insurance company. At SECURA, accident forgiveness protects you from rate increases due to an accident where you were found to be at fault.*

*Some restrictions apply. Ask an independent insurance agent for details.  

How does accident forgiveness work?

Most insurance carriers offer accident forgiveness as an optional add-on coverage and charge accordingly, so you pay for accident forgiveness before a loss occurs. SECURA’s accident forgiveness is automatically included at no cost. If the policyholder and the drivers in their households have been free from accidents and violations for three years, you may qualify for this benefit.

How to get accident forgiveness?

Talk with an independent insurance agent to learn more about car insurance with accident forgiveness. With SECURA, qualifying policyholders automatically receive accident forgiveness included in their MILE-STONE Gold or Basic home and auto policy. Some carriers charge for accident forgiveness, but there is no extra charge for accident forgiveness with SECURA.

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