College dorm theft prevention

August 02, 2019 | SECURA Insurance

A tablet, a computer, a gaming console... and a French horn? Your son or daughter packed a lot of stuff into their dorm room, and some of it is highly attractive to would-be thieves. Talk with your child about dorm room security and investing in a few security tools. 

Dorm safes

Walk down the hallways of nearly any dorm and you'll see lots of open doors and groups socializing. While open doors make for great community, they're also an invitation for grab-and-run thieves. 

The best advice is to close and lock your door every time you leave your room. But since you can't always control what your roommate does (and because "I was only gone a second" moments are just part of life), invest in a dorm room safe. 

Dorm safes are designed with anchor cables that wrap around furniture or closet poles. You can store valuables like a passport, medications, cash, or tablet in one secure place. For gamers, consider a safe big enough for games and controllers too. 

Cable locks 

Laptop leashes and cable locks can deter larger electronics from walking away. Many laptops have a lock slot designed specifically for cable locks. 

Xbox One units come with a built-in Kensington security slot, and Kensington offers an adapter kit that can be bonded to other electronics. Gamers can also find acrylic security cases designed to lock their game system to a table - just don't plan on drilling holes into any college-owned furniture. 

Know your coverage

Your existing homeowners insurance will likely extend coverage to your son or daughter's dorm room (and possibly off-campus too), but there are limits and exclusions. Talk with your insurance agent to understand what's covered.