7 ways to reduce screen time

September 09, 2020 | SECURA Insurance

Adults spend several hours a day online looking at screens whether it is for work or for fun. Too much screen time has negative effects, including sleep disturbance, eye strain, headaches, and chronic neck and back pain. In our connected world, some screen time is necessary; however, most people could cut down on screen time for a healthier relationship with digital devices.

1. Disable notifications

Seeing your phone light up with a notification generally ignites an immediate response even if it is an unimportant notification. Go through your apps, disable notifications, and check them out on your own time instead.

2. Create “no-phone” zones

Establish rooms in your home where phone use is off limits, such as your bedroom. Setting these boundaries gives clear guidance on when and where screen time can happen.

3. Schedule other activities

Find other things to do with your time instead of mindlessly scrolling. For example, read a book, work in your garden, cook or bake a treat, or play a board game with your family. When you fill your time up with other activities, you’ll be less likely to reach for your phone for entertainment.

4. Delete apps

Deleting time-sucking or unnecessary apps off of your phone is a great way to cut down on screen time. When the app icon is out of sight, you’ll probably find you don’t even miss checking the content in the app.  

5. Sleep without your phone in your room

Many people use their phone as an alarm clock, but keeping your phone out of the bedroom will remove the temptation of looking at it while you try to fall asleep. Plus, there is proof that blue light emitted from cell phones can disrupt your sleep cycle. Instead, opt for a traditional alarm clock.

6. Set a timer

Keeping up with emails and your friends on social media is important for many people, but it can also be a big time waster. Try limiting how much time you spend per day on these apps to begin reducing your screen time. Many apps allow you to set time restrictions. When you reach your set limit of time in the app, it will notify you.

7. Avoid eating in front of a screen

It can be tempting to enjoy a meal in front of the TV or scroll your phone when eating, but these can be bad habits to get into. Try turning off the TV or putting down the phone when you eat.

No one expects you to give up screen time completely – in today’s digital world that is nearly impossible. However, just a few adjustments can get you on the path to a healthier relationship with your digital devices.