4 tips for creating a productive back-to-school routine

August 17, 2020 | SECURA Insurance

The start to this school year may be different than any other. People, especially children, thrive on routine. Whether your children are returning to in-person classes or learning remotely, having a productive routine in place for you and your children is important. Follow these four tips to set your family up for success.

1. List out everything that needs to be done each day

Create a master list of everything you and your family needs to get done each day. Include things in this list like waking up, brushing teeth, eating breakfast, and doing homework. Once you have a list of everything you need to complete each day, you can figure out how much time is needed to complete each item and when they can fit into your schedule.

2. Create a schedule

Your family’s schedule doesn’t need to be planned out to the minute, but a rough outline with the key things that need to be done each day helps. Take the items from your master list and schedule them. Write the schedule down and display it in a place everyone can see as a reminder of what needs to happen and when.

3. Practice easing into the routine

Start to practice following your back-to-school schedule a week or two before school starts. This gives the whole family a gradual introduction to what each day will look like during the school year. Plus, it gives you time to make adjustments to the schedule before the first day.

4. Be flexible

Once you have an established schedule for your family, try to stick to following it as best you can. A set routine will make every day go a little smoother in these uncertain times, but remember to be flexible and make adjustments as needed.

Adjusting to a new school year can be challenging for kids and parents, but with a routine in place, it can be a smoother transition for everyone.