3 keys to parking lot safety

April 11, 2022 | SECURA Insurance

Despite our familiarity with parking lots, they hide numerous dangers. Whether backing out of a stall or walking to your vehicle at night, here are some simple safety strategies to protect you and your vehicle:

1. Pedestrian safety
According to the National Safety Council Journal of Safety Research, 2,057 work-related deaths occurred in company parking lots between 1993 and 2003. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that 52 percent of all back-over injuries and 17 percent of all fatal back-overs happen in parking lots.
•    Don’t assume drivers can see you.
•    Use crosswalks and sidewalks when possible.
•    Be alert for danger signs: engines starting, back-up lights.
•    Avoid cutting between vehicles where pedestrians are especially hard to see.
•    Hang onto young children.

2. Driving safety
Insurance Institute for Highway Safety records show that 14 percent of all collisions that cause vehicle damage happen in parking lots.
•    Drive slowly.
•    Don’t cut across aisles.
•    Watch out for drivers who are speeding or rushing to pull into a parking space.
•    Stay away from cars parked at odd angles.
•    Avoid parking at the end of an aisle, unless it’s protected by an island.
•    Park so you can pull forward to exit.
•    During the daytime, park farther away from the building to avoid traffic.

3. Personal safety
The Bureau of Justice Statistics shows that annually 2 percent of all violent crimes and 2.3 percent of all property crimes occur in commercial parking lots.
•    At night, park close to the building in well-lit, visible areas.
•    Avoid rear or side entrances after dark.
•    Walk confidently, look around, and keep hands out of your pockets.
•    Don’t use headphones or earbuds when walking at night.
•    Walk to your car with coworkers when possible.
•    Have keys ready so you can quickly enter your car and lock it again.
•    If you have any valuables in your car, hide them out of sight.