Agribusiness Trucking Insurance Coverage

Whether you are transporting livestock, milk, or grain, your ag transport business faces risks that are unique to your operation.

SECURA’s agribusiness experts understand the agribusiness transport industry and have built agribusiness insurance policies that provide the unique coverage you need for your ag trucking business.

Agribusiness insurance for truckers has several options that can include:

  • Business Auto WRAP
  • Cargo Liability: This offers liability coverage for non-owned cargo you are transporting.
  • Transportation: We offer coverage options for owned cargo you are transporting.
  • Reefer Breakdown: This covers cargo caused by breakdown of the refrigeration unit.
  • And more!

Did you know we cover these types of Agribusiness Trucking businesses?

  • Milk Transportation
  • Livestock Transportation
  • Feed and Grain Transportation
  • Hay Transportation


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