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Workers' Compensation Insurance Services

Nurse Hotline

Your employees are the lifeblood of your organization. With SECURA's Workers' Compensation Nurse Hotline service, your valued workers receive immediate 24/7 access to a registered nurse if an injury occurs. The result is better care and fewer unnecessary claims, saving time and expense.

Nurse Hotline gives you control

Through our partnership with Medcor, Nurse Hotline is offered as a free benefit for our policyholders, breaking down barriers to early treatment of workplace injuries. Watch the video to learn how this service benefits both employees and your company.

View the short video above to learn more about the benefits of
SECURA's Work Comp Nurse Hotline service.

New! — Nurse Hotline at the touch of a button on your smartphone.

Nurse Hotline Benefits

  • Reduced claims. Many injuries reported to the hotline can be treated simply with self-care methods. That means no hospital visit and no claim.
  • Reduced costs. When claims are reduced in both number and severity, premiums typically follow.
  • Reduced lost time. When injuries are treated immediately, workers receive peace of mind, and stay on the job or return to work sooner.
  • Expert guidance. Nurse Hotline jump-starts the paperwork process in the event a claim is filed.

Other Services

Crisis Care

When a workplace incident goes beyond injury to tragedy, it can result in emotional trauma for all involved, and require psychological support in addition to any medical treatment.

Crisis Care is offered as part of the claims process, and provides:

  • Qualified evaluation. Accredited call center can help you determine next steps.
  • Convenience. Master-level behavioral health specialists trained in trauma provide an on-site visit as needed.
  • Customized support. Receive large and small group, or individual psycho-educational care as needed.
Compassionate Claims Service

If a work injury becomes a formal claim, SECURA has the expert staff and services in place to efficiently manage the process from treatment to returning to work.

We put your company and injured employee first with:

  • Immediate and constant communication.
  • Progress monitoring.
  • Return-to-work focus.
  • Controlled costs.
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