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Travel Rescuer: A call away to help with travel emergencies

Travel with confidence. One phone call puts you in touch with professionals who can help with things from trip preparation to emergency medical referrals when you’re traveling. MILE-STONE Gold policyholders and Farm policyholders with Agri-Protector Plus, you receive these benefits of Travel Rescuer:

If you’re 100 or more miles from home, call for help with:
  • Emergency medical evacuations
  • Transportation to join a hospitalized member
  • Transportation after stabilization
  • Return of mortal remains
  • Worldwide medical and dental referrals
  • Replacement of corrective lenses and medical devices
  • Medications, vaccines, and blood transfers
  • Dispatch of doctors and specialists
  • Replacement of lost or stolen travel documents
  • Translation services
  • Emergency travel arrangements
  • Legal referrals
Prepare for your trip with worldwide destination intelligence:
  • Travel and health information
  • Real-time security intelligence



(Travel Rescuer is not available to Illinois residents. Coverages described are subject to all the terms and conditions of the policy. Not all agents are authorized to sell all types of insurance. Please read the policy carefully.)

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